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Norton Security, is an dynamic security provider trending out now and is used by millions of users. Norton security services are one of the widely used security providers by the computer users. It’s security protection extends from Personal PC protection to the widely used business and corporate computer protection.

How to download Norton Security?

  1. Download it via it’s official website from
  2. Purchase it from an authorized seller

Registration process

  1. If you purchase it online then the activation code will be emailed to you in the confirmation email.
  2. If you purchase it from an authorized reseller then follow the below mentioned guidelines for activating your product.
    1. Scratch the back of card to reveal the Product Key.
    2. You can find your product key or registration key based on how you obtained your product whether from the official site or from authorized seller.
    3. If you purchased product compact disc(CD) on an e-commerce site or from an authorized seller, your product key will be behind the box either on a sticker on the behind the Compact Disc’s sleeve or DVD’s sleeve or case, or printed on a catalogue in the box.

Activation Process for Norton Security

  1. After completing the downloading and installation processes, the Norton Security Software should be registered to use it.
  2. For activation of your product, Click on the Norton security from which it will be directed to the Activation panel.
  3. Enter the registration key obtained from the process from which you’ve purchased.
  4. Now, follow the on-screen instructions and your Norton Security software is ready to use.

Note: Steps to find the product key is explained above in the registration process.

Your Norton security is ready to use!!!

Activation Process for Norton Security

If you are still facing any errors in downloading, installation or activation of Norton security and looking out for a reliable technical support provider, then your search ends here. We offer an instant solution for all the technical problems associated with Norton security. All you need to do is dial our Toll-free and our certified technicians will provide you world-class remote technical support. You can also call us if you are unable to find your Registration key. Other Norton security issues we provide support for:

  • Error in logging in to your My Norton account
  • Norton security compatibility issues with operating system
  • Norton security not able to clear some security threats
  • Removing or uninstalling the previously installed Norton security in your system.

Choose suitable Norton security subscription packages:

Norton Antivirus is a software program designed by Symantec that is meant to protect your devices from malicious programs and viruses. The program was developed to stop worms, trojan horses, spyware among other malicious viruses from penetrating into your network.

As a functional routine, the program performs thorough and consistent scans in your device to ensure that all malicious files are completely eliminated. Generally, this program ensures that you are completely secure and protected when surfing web pages, downloading files and even accessing your emails. Updates on the current version are regularly and automatically done to ensure that the client is always safe and protected.

Norton Security Subscription Packages

Now, any client looking to adopt Norton is their network and device security needs to understand the different types of subscription packages offered by the program. You also need to know and understand all the benefits and cons, if any, that tag along with each package. So, here are the subscription packages offered by Norton Security.

Norton Antivirus Basic

As suggested by the name, this is the most basic subscription among them all. The package is also valid for only one computer. So, generally, here is what this package has to offer:

  1. It is the leading protection in the industry available at a surprisingly affordable, yet competitive price.
  2. The program is powered by among the world’s largest round-the-clock threat-identification surveillance networks.
  3. It provides protection against viruses, malware, spyware and ransomware among other malicious programs you can encounter online.
  4. Auto-update feature ensures that your product is up-to-date and up-to-task.
  5. The program doesn’t feature irritating advertisement features in a number of other similar programs.
  6. Hassle-free upgrade if you are seeking more protection as you see fit.

Generally, it is safe to define that Norton Antivirus Basic offers you the basic protection required by any single PC to run smoothly and maintain high performance while in use.

Norton Security Standard

The next subscription package offered by Norton Security is Norton Security Standard. Some of the top benefits that tag along with purchasing this subscription include the following:

  1. The package provides your PC with real-time protection and security against emerging and existing malicious programs including spyware and all other viruses.
  2. It gives your PC comprehensive and high-end protection that can’t be obtained from some of these free antivirus programs recommended for your computer.

You have 100% guarantee of getting an expert in the same to help you out whenever need be from the second you subscribe. You can also claim a refund if you deem the service unworthy.
Those are some of the high-end features offered by this subscription package. You also need to remember that it scooped the first position in the AV-TEST Award for the best protection.

Norton Security Deluxe

This is the next subscription offered by Norton Security. In general, this is pretty much the standard package, however, it is being offered in a much larger scale. This subscription package offers protection to your 5 laptops or other relevant devices. Among the best features rendered by this subscription package include the following:

  1. Real-time protection to 5 of your devices against all existing and emerging malicious programs.
  2. The advanced security features added to this package offer you financial and personal privacy protection when surfing online.
  3. The high-end technology used alerts you of malicious Android programs even before you download them.
  4. You are also fully guaranteed of an expert to help you whenever you need them. You can also get refunds if you wish to terminate the subscription the moment you subscribe.

Norton Security Premium

This is the pioneer package offered by the program. This is the best large-scale protection offered by Norton Security. With this package, you get to protect up to 10 of your best devices. Among the high-end features offered by Norton Security Premium Package are:

  1. Provides your ten devices with real-time security against all threats.
  2. It also has advanced protection which ensures that your online identity and credentials are fully protected.
  3. Provides advanced security options to protect your kid’s browsing endeavor.
  4. This is the only package which offers subscribers 25 GB secure cloud backup for your PC. This provides extra security benefits.
  5. Warns you of impending malicious download even before you commence the download.
  6. Like the other high-end subscriptions, you will get a Norton expert who will always be ready to help you whenever you face difficulties or any other relevant situation pertaining to the latter.

So, those are the subscription packages offered to all users by Norton Security. Apart from these, there are also other high-end security products offered by the program. Among these are Norton Wi-Fi Privacy and Norton Mobile Security. Let’s briefly touch on these.

Wi-Fi Protection:

As seen earlier, Norton Security offers thorough and real-time protection to your gadgets and the information they contain. However, you can implement more security measures using Norton Wi-Fi Privacy which features Wi-Fi protection.

So, basically, Norton Wi-Fi Privacy program ensures that all data you receive and send while on a public Wi-Fi connection is well encrypted. With this advanced protection, you get to enjoy checking emails, bill payments, and social media in airports and cafes without having to worry.

Norton Mobile Security:

Norton Mobile Security is a really powerful tool designed to provide protection in any mobile gadgets you own including tablet computers and smartphones. Like all other devices exposed to the internet, tablet computers and smartphones are usually exposed to threats and malicious content. With this package, you get to significantly reduce the risk of being attacked by a virus and stay safe surfing through the internet.

What are some of Norton’s installation errors and how do you fix them?

Most critical errors that pop up when installing Norton usually come in typical message form or Error codes. Now, a lion’s share of these errors occurs when an inexperienced user is trying to make use of the services or product without expert advice on the same. Doing this could get your computer in a rather problematic situation. In such cases, the best course of action is getting in touch with Norton’s customer services and support by just dialing their customer support number. This is the best way to fix any installation error codes and messages easily and correctly.

In summary, that is what Norton Security has to offer. Keep in mind that the protection is based on 24hr online monitoring and threat detection.

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